The way you market your church is important!  Everything about you, says something about you, here are six marketing habits of an effective church:

They Tell Stories

Telling stories is a great way to connect with people in your community.  We all understand what an effective tool story telling is and we use it every day, but is your church using stories in it’s marketing strategy?

They Advertise Authentically

Make sure you’re telling people who you really are!  Don’t have a large teen ministry?  Don’t fake it.  Are you a growing church?  Don’t pretend to be established.  Your community craves authenticity more than they do beautiful optics.

They Partner with Other Churches

That church across town that has a few of your former members, they aren’t the enemy!  In fact, you may have strength in their area of weakness, don’t use that to crush them, work together!  Allow your members to see the global view of the church and not just what’s happening in your own church.

They Participate in Their Community

Make sure you’re regularly getting outside the walls of your own church so that your community can see you, this doesn’t end at putting a flyer on their door or inviting them to your church.  Make sure that your church is showing the love of Christ through community service and other events.

They are Clear in “Call-to-Actions”

What exactly is your goal when you hand out a post card or attract someone to your website?  Do you want them to visit your church?  Do you want to get their contact information?  First of all, make sure you understand what you want them to do, then make sure they understand it too!

They Stay Consistent

Once you’ve developed a plan, stick to it and make sure your community sees it in action regularly.  Don’t be the church that “used to…”  Sometimes it helps to ask yourself: How do people describe our church?  “That’s the church that does the big easter egg hunt every year.” or “Their Pastor inspires me on social media” or do the describe your church as “The church that used to post a video from their pastor every Monday”  Don’t be remembered for what you’ve done as much as you’re known for what you do!