Free Account is an amazing resource basically it’s Netflix for online learning but you probably won’t spend 2 hours look for something to watch. Today, Lynda has thousands of videos ready to stream online that make it easy for you to learn complicated software, but it’s not cheap: subscriptions start at around $20 a month.

But there’s a hack for that: local libraries are providing free access to the service, and there’s a really good chance your library is one of them. So, here’s how to find out.

First – check your Library’s website and look under the resource section or just google you libraries name and together and this should bring up the page that it’s on. That is how I found it at my local library here in Fresno.

Next, there should be a link to a page that asks for your Library Card Number and Your Library Card PIN after you input both of these you should be able to create an account and have unlimited access to the service.

If you can’t find it online then you might need to go to your local library and a librarian should be able to answer any questions about getting you setup.