We’ve compiled 5 FREE sermon graphics for you to us in your services and you can download them right now!

Every file contains BOTH jpegs and the original PSD files so that you can customize the graphics for use in your ministry.

We’ve also got a quick hack for you to use, just in case you don’t have Photoshop on your computer!

Here it is:  photopea.com

With photopea.com, you can edit photoshop files in your web browser– including the files that are available for download on this page!

Here are the fonts that we used in these designs: Geo Sans Light, Steelfish RegularQuaaludes ItalicBebas Neue BookFresh Script RegularPerpetua RegularDidot Regular

All but Fresh Script is free, and here’s a nice replacement font if you’d like to save your money: Fresh Script

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