Anybody on church staff knows that while Easter can be a beautiful event for visitors, everything that goes into the planning of Easter Sunday at your church can be extremely overwhelming for those on staff.

Easter is a couple months away and it is about that time where we are getting our invitations and mailers ready to send out to thousands of people in your community.

While these postcards can be a great tool to reach people and invite them to your church on Easter Sunday, (which is the one day of the year where most make an effort to go to a church even if they are not normal church goers) they must be delt with extreme importance as they will be the first impression that your church makes on this potential visitor.

And we all know.. First impressions matter.

So we must treat these invitations and postcards/mailers as what they are, and that being the first (and most important) contact point to your new potential visitor.

So with this in mind, I’ve come across thousands of layouts and postcard designs in my day to day basis as a designer, and I’ve put together a list of some extremely important things to keep in mind while working through your postcard design for your church. (as well as some things to stay away from!)

  1. Content
    1. Make sure you write great content! Make sure your that your content is short and to the point, and engaging to whoever might be viewing your postcard.
    2. Do not put too much content/text and fill up your whole card with text. The last thing someone wants to see when looking at a postcard, is a wall of text.
    3. Check for grammatical errors! Don’t set a bad first impression by having a lot of grammatical errors on your postcard.
  2. Margins – Don’t allow text to run off of the edges of your postcard, give your text some space!
  3. Contrast – Don’t write dark text on a dark background – or light text on light background. Make sure that colors contrast with each other!
  4. Colors – Use 3 or 4 matching colors throughout the design of your postcard. A rainbow is pretty to look at, but not so much on a postcard, too many colors can be very displeasing to the eye.
  5. Make sure the information you want potential visitors to see stands out. (Easter Event – service time & date)
  6. Try to give away something small to people who visit and make sure you write that on the postcard. Doesn’t have to be anything big, but you’d be surprised what a free coffee or continental breakfast (donuts) can do as people are deciding which church to visit.
  7. Add a personal touch and add some pictures of your church’s families. Stock photos can be great and serve a wonderful purpose, but if you have some pictures of your church family, make sure you put those on your design!
  8. Lastly, give people a CLEAR call to action – Don’t be vague with what you want people to do. What is the next step that you want the person viewing this postcard to make? Be very clear on what you want the person viewing this card to do.

    1. Are you inviting them to service?
    2. Are you inviting them to attend your event?
    3. Do you want them to call you?
    4. Do you want them to RSVP for an event?
    5. Do you want them to visit your website?

I’d love to hear any comments or feedback, or any personal experiences that you may have regarding your easter mailers below.

Thanks for watching!