Last week on Whiteboard Wednesday we dove into a 3 week roadmap on how to increase your Easter attendance by 2x, if you haven’t seen that video, you can watch it by clicking here.

Well now that we have that spike in attendance at your Easter Sunday, what can we do to retain some of those visitors? Is the goal to have a spike of 200% visitors attending and then go back to the normal attendance the next Sunday? Absolutely not! So what can we do to retain some of those Easter visitors and convert them to regular attenders?

Well this week on Whiteboard Wednesday, Dan has put together a process on how to convert some of these visitors for you!

A 4 Step Bullet-Proof Followup Process

During the event, be sure that every guest receives a connection card (included in the Media Kit), and ask them to provide the information requested so that you can communicate with them in the future.

After your event concludes, the followup with your guests is just beginning!

We cannot stress the importance of this point enough. The visitors that attended your event will have questions, physical and spiritual needs, and a number of struggles that only Christ can satisfy. Following up with them after a big event provides the perfect opportunity to nurture their relationship with the church, be the hands and feet of Jesus to them, and help to plug them in to your teaching ministries.

Here are the followup steps that have worked in our local church:

  1. Write a Personal Letter
    • Make it look like a greeting card
    • Include a $5 Starbucks card
  2. Schedule a Visit
    • Meet them for coffee or a quick meal
    • Keep it short 20-30min
  3. Make a Phone Call
    • Ask for a volunteer to do this
    • Survey them on how their visit went
    *Pray with them on the phone (important!)
  4. Start an Email Automation (click below for a PDF on how to set this up!)
    • Have three weeks of content
    • Don’t make it Easter Specific

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this process and if you’ve had any experience with your own follow-up processes, let us know in the comments below!

Click here to download your Email Automation PDF