How many times have you sent a permission form home with a student, only to have it get lost or thrown away? We’ve probably all experienced a time where a kid showed up for an activity and didn’t have a permission form! What about this: Have you ever had a parent tell you they gave money to their child, and they don’t know why you never received it? If you’re a Pastor, Youth Pastor, Sunday School Teacher or a Christian School Administrator, we’ve got an awesome tool for you!

We’ve all been there; a big activity’s coming up and you have all kinds of things to keep track of. The last thing you need to be doing is printing off forms the night before and trying to make sure they get signed by parents. Then, after you get all of the permission forms signed and turned in, all the students bring payment to you as the activity is about to begin and now you have to make sure that you have a place to put hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of payment so that nothing happens to it!

Here’s something you’re going to love! It’s called permission click dot com. Permission Click is an incredible tool that helps you gather digital permission slips and online payments easily and without a long, last minute, paper trail!

Permission click allows you to create and collect permission slips using your own existing process or one of their easy templates— and it allows you to communicate with parents quickly! Best of all, the permission slip and form collection service is completely free!

Here’s something else that’s cool! Parent’s won’t have to wonder if their students turned in their forms or payment, they have instant access to receipts right away!

You can find out more about how this tool can help you at

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