Video announcements are something that most churches have gotten implemented in their services (and on a quick side note, if these are something your church has NOT implemented and would like to, you can check out our previous article on getting your first video set up on a budget by clicking here

And while video announcements can be used for a great purpose, which is letting new visitors and members know of upcoming activities and events in a fun and entertaining manner, they can also be used very incorrectly!

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen some of those announcements that make you cringe… And if you haven’t, check out

Well this week on Whiteboard Wednesday, Allen has put together a list of 5 rules to keep in mind when making video announcements:

  1. Don’t shoot announcements every week
    1. It wastes the time of staff
    2. It wears out your volunteers
    3. It gets old really fast
  2. Make audio a top priority
    1. Use a lav or shotgun mic
    2. Don’t use the mic on the camera
    3. For the same reason you use a mic in the service, use a mic in the video
  3. Keep it under 5 minutes
    1. One purpose of using video is to save time
    2. Don’t be afraid to cut out announcements if it makes it to long
    3. If you repurpose the video later, people won’t click play if it’s longer
  4. Only make announcements that apply to the entire church
    1. People will tune out if it doesn’t apply to them
    2. There are better platforms for announcements that only apply to a specific group
    3. Keep visitors in mind
  5. Make sure you have a portion aimed specifically at visitors

We hope that these tips are able to help you guys out, and if there’s any other tips that you having spent time working with volunteers and shooting your own announcements, please let us know in the comments below! See you guys next week!