Whiteboard Wednesday: 5 Rules for Making Video Announcements

Video announcements are something that most churches have gotten implemented in their services (and on a quick side note, if these are something your church has NOT implemented and would like to, you can check out our previous article on getting your first video set up on a budget by clicking here )  And while video […]

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to Increase your Easter Attendance by 2x

Easter is only 5 weeks away, but no need to panic, because there’s still time! This week on Whiteboard Wednesday, Daniel Irmler, who has worked with hundreds of churches on successful Easter campaigns that have yielded thousands of new visitors, has put together a 3 week roadmap on how to double your Easter Sunday attendance! A […]

Five SEO Tips for Your Church Website

Cracking the top page of Google is something that we all sought after. But how do we do it? What kind of changes can we make on our website to get there? We’ve all heard “That one trick” to add to your website to get on the front page. But is that really true? This […]