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Free Church Social Media Graphics: April 2017

Free Social Media Graphics for April: Easter is only a few days away we want to make sure your Facebook and Instagram feeds look amazing. We have created 9 original designs from the Church Hacks team and 4 of designs come from the good people on SundaySocial. All of these files are hi-rez and free […]

5 Church Easter Ideas to Make This Year Unforgettable

Easter is epic. It’s the cornerstone of the Christian faith. It is the ultimate comeback story, and our eternity rests on it. Second only to Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, hands down. It can be quite predictable in our churches though, can’t it? We’re going to choose a handful of songs from the “Resurrection […]

Free Church Social Media Graphics: March 2017

Free Social Media Graphics for March: We are giving you a head start on your church social media post for March and these graphics look amazing. Below you will be able to see all twelve custom graphics that you can quickly post to any social network you choose. Just click on the “Download” button to […]

How to get a free account!

Free Account is an amazing resource basically it’s Netflix for online learning but you probably won’t spend 2 hours look for something to watch. Today, Lynda has thousands of videos ready to stream online that make it easy for you to learn complicated software, but it’s not cheap: subscriptions start at around $20 […]

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Free Church Social Media Graphics: Feb. 2017

Free Social Media Graphics for February: We love church social media and believe our churches post should look great and engage your audience. So, we are giving away 12 beautiful, hi-rez, non-branded church social media graphics. We hope this gives you a boost on your post for March! Please don’t forget to share this post! […]