In just a short time, Easter will be over.

You’ve done your Easter mailers and handed out invitations, and encouraged your people to invite. You have posted your social media graphics, prepared your sermon, enlisted extra volunteers, prayed, and hoped for the best.

You’ve read a plethora of articles on how to have the best Easter service ever. You’ve seen what others are doing and wondered whether you should have done more.

There are last-minute details you’ll be addressing in the next few hours, and then it’s on.

The largest-attended church service of the year will be happening, whether you feel ready or not.

This short article is not another Easter “how-to.” You’ve read plenty of those this year.

It’s not another plea to get you to squeeze another drop of marketing out of Easter Sunday.

I want to encourage you with 3 quick reminders about Easter Sunday.

Don’t allow the hype to cloud the reality.

Here’s the reality: Jesus is alive. The Son of God paid for the sins of the world and conquered the grave in a stunning display of humility, love, and power.

Don’t allow that reality to be clouded by the hectic schedule, busy hallways, and jelly bean fights in children’s church!

When we stop and consider the cause for our celebration, it brings a smile to our face, gratefulness to our hearts, and a spirit of victory that cannot be quenched. Let’s keep it real!

This will really help us to…

Keep a resurrection perspective when things go wrong.

The video will glitch out.

The mic battery will die.

You’ll run out of bulletins.

There are a hundred things that could go south, and inevitably some of them will.

Some church leaders have a harder time rolling with it than others, but let me encourage you to keep a resurrection perspective when things go wrong. Because He lives, we can not only face tomorrow, but we can also deal with the fact that we ran out of parking spaces way too early!

Real Easter church parking lot

Try to relax, and love with your life.

The fact is, the reason we celebrate Easter is because Jesus is alive. Jesus’ resurrection is significant because it brings hope to hopeless people.

Jesus wants to love the people that walk through your church doors. He wants to love them through you and through His church. So, let’s make Sunday less about a magical audiovisual experience and more about Jesus and the people He loves!

May His Spirit calm our fears and concerns, and may we see people through His eyes on Sunday.

After all, that’s why He came. That’s why He lived, died, and rose to life by His own power.

So, take a deep breath. Have a hot cup of coffee, tea, or whatever gets you going in the morning. Then get over to your Easter gathering and love people with your life.

We’re praying for you!