Guest Interview with Mark MacDonald


Imagine I walked outside your church and went to the nearest gas station or drug store, stopped the first person I saw and asked them this question, “What is the church up the street known for?”

What do you think that persons response would be?

Over the past ten years and after working with thousands of churches in every state of US I’ve realized that local churches have a tough time being known for the right things in their community.

Recently, I had the privilege to interview Marc MacDonald to talk about his new book “Be Known for Something” (You can purchase a copy from his website  or amazon) And we talked about how a church can be known for the right things in their community. Below you can watch or listen to the entire conversation.

Important Giveaway:

We are going to be giving away three copies of Be Known for Something to people who answer this question in the comments below. What is your church trying to be known for in your community?

Full Interview with Mark MacDonald author of Be Known for Something:

Note: We had some technical difficulties at the end of the interview and hat to end it earlier. 

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