The Best Church Websites of 2017 From America’s Fastest Growing Churches

There are lots of articles out there identifying the best church websites. But here’s a twist… For many years, Outreach Magazine and Lifeway Research have compiled an annual report documenting the top 100 fastest growing churches in the United States. These reports contain fantastic insight into the features and assimilation practices of America’s largest churches. […]

The Pastor’s Blog is Dead! [Part 1]

So every once in awhile, I get an email like this… It’s basically a ministry leader asking me for advice on how to get a pastor’s blog up and going. He’s hoping it will allow him to connect to his church family during the week. Usually, I just follow up with these two questions: Question […]

Everything Your Church Needs to Know about Facebook Live

There are two things specifically that have changed the way that we connect, communicate and consume media on a daily basis: mobile devices and video. Over the years, different technologies and even social platforms have come and gone. But, of all the social trends we’ve seen, perhaps nothing has been more widely embraced than live […]

10 Ways to Take Your Church Website to the Next Level!

1. A CLEAR CALL TO ACTION Here’s something you may not have considered: What is the first thing you want people to do when they visit your website? That’s what they should see first. Beyond that, there should be a clear path to that action. Some examples for a good call to action might be: […]

5 Reasons to use Facebook Advertising for Your Church

1. Nearly everyone in your community is on Facebook Obviously, the best place to advertise anything is where the people are…and the people are on Facebook! As of July of this year, Facebook recorded a whopping 1.71 billion active users, of which 1.13 billion clocked in as daily users. Ready for another crazy stat? 91% […]

What’s up with Hashtags?

We’ve all seen them. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, in the news, on TV and anywhere else media is consumed. For those of us older than 30 or so, it’s the character that we have always called “pound” or “number sign”, but this old familiar crosshatch symbol has been repurposed and give new […]