The Ultimate Church Camera Guide

By far the question I’m most often asked when it comes to video is: “What camera did you shoot that on?”  I have to tell you up front, I can never give people the answer they really want.  What they actually want to know is: “How can my video look like that?” What camera should […]

Facebook Live Church Hacks

9 Easy Ways to Use Facebook Live Effectively for Churches

Facebook Live is making massive waves from celebrity videos to Chewbacca Mom. Facebook is also promoting and prioritizing Live Video over other content so it’s only going to get bigger. This is why I personally believe that Facebook Live is one of the most underused digital tools by churches. So here is my question to you, “How […]

Is Your Church Using One of These Five High Impact Videos?

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]T[/su_dropcap]he value that comes from using video is not really a secret.  For decades, major corporations and businesses have been using video effectively to communicate their message. But, utilizing video and delivering it to your audience wasn’t in the budget for most churches, or even business owners, until recently.  We all knew about […]

5 Ways to get the Most out of Church Volunteers on Camera

The use of video has proven to be a very valuable tool when it comes to ministry!  Finding volunteers to get in front of a camera can sometimes be difficult, it gets even harder when they’ll be the only one in front of the camera! For several years when I first started shooting video, I […]