5 Steps to Converting Guests into Regular Attenders with Pastor Joshua Irmler

Converting guests to regular attenders

Using this process we are able to convert 25% of guests in the past year and a half to regular attenders and have been as high as 37% this past summer

  1. First Contact – Connection Cards
    • Most important step
    • Incentivize turning in connection cards
  2. Day 1 – First touch email + survey
  3. Day 2 – First touch phone call / prayer request
    • Friendly volunteer
    • Welcoming
  4. Day 3 – Send a letter with a gift by mail
    • Gift cards are easy
  5. Day 5 to 7 – If we get permission, we go make a visit with a gift


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  1. I just watched the Whiteboard Wednesday on Converting Guests to regular attenders. Pastor Josh talked about the email and letters they send and I was wondering if there was a sample of those I could see. I appreciate the work you guys do, it is a help and blessing!

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