White Board Wednesday: Are you confusing any of these terms?

Church Logo, Identity, Outreach, and Branding Church media has gone INSANE, it’s more important than ever to make sure you get all four of these right.  Getting it right, starts with defining and understanding the terms. Logo – a visual symbol the represents your church. Don’t be generic Don’t replace it Identity – the visual […]

5 Ways to get the Most out of Church Volunteers on Camera

The use of video has proven to be a very valuable tool when it comes to ministry!  Finding volunteers to get in front of a camera can sometimes be difficult, it gets even harder when they’ll be the only one in front of the camera! For several years when I first started shooting video, I […]

White Board Wednesday: Facebook Fails

Today on White Board Wednesday we are talking about Facebook Fails.  Common mistakes churches are making with their Facebook accounts.  Forty-six percent of churches say that social media is their most effective form of outreach.  What are the things you want to avoid when it comes to Facebook?  Here they are:  Not filling out the […]

Four Free Postcard Designs to Welcome New Move-ins to the Neighborhood

Welcoming new move-ins to the neighborhood is a great way to let people know about your church! Here are 4 ready-to-print designs you can start using right away.  We’ve included the JPEG and the PSD files. Bonus: We’ve also included the free fonts that were used! DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

12 Fantastic Looking Free Fonts

The right font can take your design to the next level.  We’re always on the look-out for great fonts and thought we’d share a few of our favorites.  Here are twelve fantastic looking free fonts that come in a variety of styles for you to use on your next church design project!  Did we miss […]

Free Resource: 5 Sermon Graphics

We’ve compiled 5 FREE sermon graphics for you to us in your services and you can download them right now! Every file contains BOTH jpegs and the original PSD files so that you can customize the graphics for use in your ministry. We’ve also got a quick hack for you to use, just in case […]

Church Hack: Email Signature

An email signature is a great way to put a face to any message that you send.  Here’s how you can get a professional email signature absolutely free!  Go to htmlsig.com  Click on “Try a Free Signature” Enter all of your contact information and upload a picture Click “Create Signature” Click “Show Source Code” Copy […]