Design 101: Come Thou Font

How can you paint a picture using only letters, or stir emotions with a typewriter? It can be accomplished with words, or a series of characters displayed in a logical series. Often referred to as “typography,” the art or process of printing with type is a major part of the graphic design world. As the […]

Design 101: Color Questions

Why did my blue design print out purple? How come my black color looks dingy brown? This looked great on my screen, why does the print look so bad? Anyone who has worked with graphic design layouts and printing has asked one or more of these questions. That awesome design was sent to print, and […]

Design 101: Resolution Revelation

That graphic looked great on your screen, but your prints turned out fuzzy. You found the perfect photo for your design using a Google image search, but it seems way too small for your flyer. You just scale it up to the right size, but it looks really grainy. What happened? Most likely you’ve fallen […]

What’s up with Hashtags?

We’ve all seen them. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, in the news, on TV and anywhere else media is consumed. For those of us older than 30 or so, it’s the character that we have always called “pound” or “number sign”, but this old familiar crosshatch symbol has been repurposed and give new […]

Design 101: Master The Raster

“The Tshirt company is asking for a vector logo. Do we have that?” Chances are if you had a reputable graphic designer create your logo, you probably do. But what is vector? Let’s take a few minutes and explore the two main types of graphic elements, raster and vector. What are their differences, strengths, and […]

Design 101: King Contrast

One of the most basic yet important aspects of a solid design has to do with this one word: contrast. We know “contrast” to mean something like “the difference between two or more things.” Contrast plays an incredible role in the composition of a pleasing and effective design. Let’s take a look at 3 areas […]