The Best Church Websites of 2017 From America’s Fastest Growing Churches

There are lots of articles out there identifying the best church websites. But here’s a twist… For many years, Outreach Magazine and Lifeway Research have compiled an annual report documenting the top 100 fastest growing churches in the United States. These reports contain fantastic insight into the features and assimilation practices of America’s largest churches. […]

9 Church Online Giving Form Optimizations You Should Make Today

Online giving has been here for over 15 years. Crazy, right?! Dunham+Company reports that 42% of U.S. churches have online giving. Seemingly low being that churches have had 15 years to get on the “online fundraising” bandwagon, but when you take into account the fact that there are over three hundred and twenty thousand churches […]

Easter is Happening

Easter is Happening – Let’s Keep it Real

In just a short time, Easter will be over. You’ve done your Easter mailers and handed out invitations, and encouraged your people to invite. You have posted your social media graphics, prepared your sermon, enlisted extra volunteers, prayed, and hoped for the best. You’ve read a plethora of articles on how to have the best […]

The Ultimate Church Camera Guide

By far the question I’m most often asked when it comes to video is: “What camera did you shoot that on?”  I have to tell you up front, I can never give people the answer they really want.  What they actually want to know is: “How can my video look like that?” What camera should […]

Guest Interview with Mark MacDonald

  Imagine I walked outside your church and went to the nearest gas station or drug store, stopped the first person I saw and asked them this question, “What is the church up the street known for?” What do you think that persons response would be? Over the past ten years and after working with thousands […]

Free Social Media Church Hacks April

Free Church Social Media Graphics: April 2017

Free Social Media Graphics for April: Easter is only a few days away we want to make sure your Facebook and Instagram feeds look amazing. We have created 9 original designs from the Church Hacks team and 4 of designs come from the good people on SundaySocial. All of these files are hi-rez and free […]


Whiteboard Wednesday: 5 Tips for Your Next Church Video

You may have noticed a theme developing these past few weeks on Whiteboard Wednesday with Church Video, and that is simply because of how extremely important Church Video can be for your church. Continuing on with that theme, this week Allen has put together a list of 5 quick, but extremely important tips for you to […]


Whiteboard Wednesday: The Perfect Lighting Formula for Your Church

Lighting is one of the biggest factors when it comes to whether a video is watchable or not. We’ve all watched those videos that you can barely see the subject and you’re thinking: “What in the world is going on here? I can’t see anything” As you are working on lighting for your videos, doing […]

5 Church Easter Ideas to Make This Year Unforgettable

Easter is epic. It’s the cornerstone of the Christian faith. It is the ultimate comeback story, and our eternity rests on it. Second only to Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, hands down. It can be quite predictable in our churches though, can’t it? We’re going to choose a handful of songs from the “Resurrection […]